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$13 per organization monthly | $108 per organization billed annually

Save $48 with the yearly plan

NB: Tailara is an application you install inside of Zoho Creator. You will need to have a Zoho Creator Account, before you can install “Tailara”.

After this, it’s just as easy as opening Zoho Creator on your Smartphone (IOS or Android) and that opens up the Tailara Application.

Sign up for a Zoho Creator standard account here 👉 Create a Zoho Creator standard account

Yes. and it’s available for both iPhones and Android users. Type “Zoho Creator” into the search bar of the Play Store and app store and download it.  Sign in with a Zoho Creator account, and download Tailara from the Zoho Market Place

Zoho Creator has 4 different plans, To use Tailara, you need the cheapest plan, which is the Standard Plan. The Standard plan is $8 a month per user and $96 yearly per user

Save $48 with the yearly plan

Sign up for a Zoho Creator standard account here 👉 Create a zoho creator standard account

How do I learn to use Tailara?
You can find all the Training Videos on how to use Tailara here 👉 Click here

Payments are made via Visa, Master Card, Mtn Momo, AirtelTigo Money, and Vodafone Cash.

Click here to make payments. 👉 Pay for Tailara

Adding the Tailara and Zoho Creator Standard Account subscription per user, the cost will be:

Monthly Pricing:

Tailara per org ($16) a month

Zoho Creator Standard Plan per user ($12) a month

Total: ($28)  a month. 

Yearly Pricing:

Tailara per organization ($144) a year

Zoho Creator Standard Plan per user ($96) a year.

Total: ($240) a year 

While Zoho allows up to 10 people to log in concurrently using 1 account, we strongly advise against having multiple people use the same login credentials. Sharing login credentials can lead to several drawbacks, including:

Security Risks: Sharing login details compromises the security of your data. Individual user accounts are designed to protect sensitive information, and sharing them increases the risk of unauthorized access.

Audit Trail Challenges: Assigning tasks and tracking changes becomes challenging when multiple individuals use a single account. Individual user accounts help maintain a clear audit trail, attributing actions to specific team members.

Collaboration Limitations: Tailara’s features are optimized for collaboration among team members. Using separate accounts ensures each person benefits from personalized settings and contributes to a more efficient workflow.

User Roles and Permissions: Tailara provides user roles and permissions that allow account owners to control access to specific features and information. For instance, an owner may not want certain users to see financial records. With individual accounts, you can assign roles and permissions tailored to each team member’s responsibilities, ensuring data confidentiality and restricting access to sensitive information.

Confusion and Errors: Shared accounts can lead to confusion regarding responsibilities and actions taken within the software. Individual accounts prevent overlap and minimize the chance of errors in order management and communication.
In summary, for the best experience and security, we recommend assigning separate user accounts to each team member, utilizing user roles and permissions to tailor access levels according to individual responsibilities. This ensures a smoother workflow, enhanced security, and optimized utilization of Tailara’s features.

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