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Tailara is a tailor management software designed to help fashion designers manage orders,measurements, and payments seamlessly 

Create your masterpiece

We aim to assist every tailor in creating their masterpiece without the stress and hassle of managing deadlines, remembering the client's fabric and garment style.
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We are on this ride together. we onboard and aid you throughout the journey

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Talarians (Everyone at Tailara) are obsessed with improving the efficiency of tailors.

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We are 100% committed to the innovation of new products that enable tailors and fashion designers, scale their businesses


The incredible individuals at Tailara, work as a single unit. they are all poised to come up with solutions that serve the fashion community


Tailara is the best tailor management application in the world. and that's saying something.


We believe in clear communication, honest practices, and providing our users with complete visibility into their operations.


We are inspired by the imagination of our users. the suggestions you make via suggestions@tailara.com broaden our minds daily.


We are proud to say every customer gets a response from us in real-time. Yes, we know thats wild. that is how much we cherish you.

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